Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Commentary on the Book of Ether

The Book of Ether is a translation of the record of the Jaredite prophet Ether.  Moroni abridged this record after he had finished the main abridgment of the Book of Mormon which had been begun by his father Mormon.  He inserted this record into the Book of Mormon following the account of the great battle at Cumorah in which all his people were slaughtered.  Then following the history of the Jaredites, he included his last record, the Book of Moroni.  
In this commentary I have focused principally on the historical aspects of the record as they relate to the background, development, and extinction of the Jaredite people.  I have included outside material where appropriate, and where it might help illuminate the complete picture of this great race.  
I do not presume to offer a more comprehensive discussion of the spiritual portions of this book, which has been previously rendered by more accomplished authors, in earlier editions.  However, I feel that I can offer a more accurate picture of the Jaredites by including their Sumerian background, a more accurate Jaredite geography, and additional material from the traditions of the Jaredite descendants, the formative peoples of Mesoamerica.  

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