Monday, November 5, 2012

Nimrod, the King

Why, in our study of the Jaredites, should we include a section on Nimrod? To begin with Nimrod was the king who ruled over the Sumerians, including the family of Jared, during this epic period in the earth's history. He was undoubtedly the most powerful ruler of his generation. He organized the building of the Tower of Babel to further his goals. This social effrontery to God resulted in the Confusion of Tongues and the scattering of the people, and was the moving force behind the Jaredite's epic journey to the Americas.
Secondly, Nimrod was instrumental in developing the Sumerian culture with all its subsequent positive and negative impacts upon world civilization. These include, on the positive side, innovations in science and agriculture; writing and written histories; education and law; etc. (For a complete coverage of this topic, see my post on Sumerian Origins.) On the negative side he introduced the heathen religious practices and idolatry which have found such a ready acceptance throughout the history of the world, and which have resulted in immeasurable personal and cultural apostasy.  Much of this cultural influence was carried by the Jaredites, consciously or unconsciously, to their new home in the Americas.  I will introduce Nimrod in the following sections:
  1. Nimrod's beginning and early history.
  2. Establishing the Sumerian civilization.

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