Thursday, November 29, 2012

Abraham and Nimrod

Facimile 1, Abraham

There are numerous sources and histories which place Abraham in the thick of Nimrod's history. He was apparently born in the early part of Nimrod's reign;  was almost killed as a babe when it was foretold that he would grow to be a threat to the kingdom; was raise in the home of Noah and Shem;  and was almost killed at a later age when Nimrod sentenced him to die for destroying his father's (Nahor) idols. He is saved by an angel, and this event may have precipitated the destruction of the Tower of Babel and the Confusion of Tongues. Abraham dies (at age 175) before Nimrod, who lives to be 215. However, according to one apocryphal source, it was Abraham's grandson Esau, who killed Nimrod, thus fulfilling the original prophecy.
I have written several blogs dealing with Abraham and Nimrod and the reader is referred to these for addition information. One is Abraham and the Jaredites, and the other is  Lament for Ur.


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