Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nimrod's Legacy

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Since the flood, Nimrod has been one of the more influential personages to live on the earth. He has influenced the world for both good and evil, however, in the eternal scheme of things, his evil influence probably far outweighs the good that he contributed.
Let us start with his positive influence.
He contributed to the development of the Sumerian civilization with all of its progress and innovations.
These innovations include writing and the compiling of histories and documents; the development of agriculture; the development of a monetary system; developments in commerce, the arts, medicine, and science; the development of a written legal code and the accompanying legal system.  Many other benificial innovations could be listed.
On the debit side of the ledger:
He was instrumental in the development and implementation of pagan religion, including the worship of idols, and human sacrifice.  If a genealogy could be compiled for all the world's pagan religions, it would likely lead directly back to its original source, the invented religion of Nimrod.
He provided a model for tyranny, and rule by a monarch who often assumed divine status.
He institutionalize immorality and perverted the sexual standards that God had established.
His actions and policies were instrumental in bringing about the destruction and catastrophe of the confusion of tongues, and the subsequent dispersion of the population.
As far as the spirituality of the world is concerned, Nimrod has caused immeasurable damage. Billions of God's children have been raised without the knowledge of his plan of happiness, indoctrinated in false religions, and taught false creeds.  Entire nations have been destroy who were "ripened in iniquity" as a result of Nimrod's influence.  I would be surprised if he were not condemned to be a "son of perdition."


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